Prayer List

Benjie Baldree

Pat Baynes

Virginia Beasley

Gilda Benet

Tyson Bledsoe

Kenny Brownlee

Ron and Rose Carns

Phil Cavenaugh

Carol Gardner Collins

DeeDee Collins

Ted and Kay Cone

Tommy Conway

Colandra Copeland

Stephanie Estes

Ray Faircloth

Roger Flanigan

Charles Forte

Marilyn Giddens

Elizabeth Gilmar

Paul Goodman

Gene and Sylvia Green

Kerri Greer

Peggy Griffin

Jo Grimes

Amy Grist

Jimmy Hightower

Susan Hines

Jimmy Holloway

Hodnett Family Philippine Mission Trip

Jack Horne

Larry Johnson

Mike Jones

Gail Kirkland

Joy Lott

Michael Maddox

Doris Marchant

Harmon and Laverne Marchant

Tonya Marchant

Dawn McGraw

Roy McWilliams

Doug Meders

Rubye Meders

Buster Mercer

Brenda Moorman

Pat Newsome 

Scott Nichols

Sandy Nugent

Randy and Sherry Ogletree

Annette Paramore

Family of Howard Pearman

Fred Powell

Carol Preston

Gary Revels

Joel Revels

Jeanette Roberts

Zalana Roig

Ray Dean Sauls

Ricky Savage

Ronnie and Karen Shiflett

Dr. Jeffery Silveria

Danny Smith

Tom Spampinato

Monty Spinks

Mike Stewart

Gibson Stuckey

Lori McFarland Studstill

Tommy and Paula Sullivan

Nicole Talavera

Teresa Taylor

Jo Thomas

Kathy White

Ellen Wiggins

Danny Willis

Douglas Wood

Tracy Yeomans

Susan York

Tracey Young

Vacation Bible School

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The Lost